Top 4 Reasons Why Our Clients Prefer Cabinet Refacing Over Replacement

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When your cabinets have seen better days, there are two main options: Replacing them or refacing them. We can help you with either option and are happy to come out to you for a free in-home estimate. We can go over all your options and let you know what would work best for your home and what the costs would be.

That said, once our clients see all their options, they often choose to reface their kitchen and bathroom cabinets. There are many reasons this is true. Read on to learn about four of the top reasons our clients for deciding to reface instead of refinish and then reach out to Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 to set up your free in-home estimate.

  1. They can add handy features
    If the reason you’re considering replacing your cabinets is because they don’t function as well as they used to, then you’ll likely be glad to learn that you can add lots of extra features when you choose to have your cabinets refaced. For example, you can add new drawer boxes that include slides that are smooth and easy to use.
    You can add pull-outs for those deep cabinets that go unused because they’re simple too deep to easily grab what you need. You can even add trash / recycling pull-outs that keep your waste hidden while ensuring that it’s still easily accessible. These are just a few examples of the features you can add. We’ll go over all your options during your free in-home estimate.
  2. It’s an affordable option
    Of course, one of the top reasons our clients are so happy with this option is because it costs just a fraction of what they’d spend on a full remodeling of their kitchen. Yet, even at this low price, the result is cabinets that look brand new and can completely change the look of the room they’re in.
  3. It’s faster and more convenient
    If you’ve never been through a kitchen remodel before then you may not realize how long it can take to remove cabinets and replace them – not to mention the mess that often comes along with it. Why feel like you’re living in a construction site when we can reface your cabinets much more quickly? Why live without a kitchen for six weeks or longer while a complete overhaul is done? Refacing is simply the easier option.
  4. It’s the eco-friendly choice
    More and more of our clients are taking the environment into consideration when they make decisions about their home. If this is a concern of yours, then you’ll be pleased to realize that refacing allows the majority of your current cabinetry to be reused. It lowers the amount of waste going to the landfill while also reducing the amount of new resources that must be used for new cabinets.

If you’re ready to hear more about your many options, then we welcome you to reach out to Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 for your free in-home estimate.