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Finishing Touches for Counters

The backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom counter might not be at the top of the list of importance in a renovation. However, a backsplash is recommended, and if it’s left off the checklist, you might find your counter or walls looking naked and exposed. Cabinet Magic offers an excellent selection of backsplash options to complete a uniform look and protect the crevices where the counter meets the wall. Stop by our La Habra, CA showroom to browse options.
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Unique Designs

Four Great Reasons to Choose a Backsplash

  • Lots of Choices

    You can add unique designs and styles, including tiles like subway, designer, glass, natural stone, mosaic, large format, and more.
  • Easy Cleaning

    Grease, sauce, and food splash around frequently in the kitchen. Backsplashes are stain-resistant for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Stop Moisture Damage

    The backsplash keeps water from seeping behind the counter and damaging walls from exposure to moisture.
  • Decorative Touch

    The backsplash doesn’t have to be the same material or design as your counter. Liven up your space with some flair.

Professional Advice and Guidance

It might seem like a small detail, but it’s common for homeowners to get overwhelmed with the backsplash choice. You can trust our experienced team of designers to help you make an educated decision for your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you want a bold statement or a timeless look that will age gracefully, we can guide you to the right products. Plus, you’ll always approve the 3D design plans before we do any work.
kitchen interior

Precise Execution on Every Job

Perfection is essential to our team of designers and installers. We promise to deliver exceptional results that are level, neat, clean, and durable in every part of your kitchen or bathroom renovation, right down to the backsplash. The installers at Cabinet Magic are experienced and use specialized tools to ensure the cuts and application of backsplashes and tiles create a uniform look throughout the room. Contact us to schedule a free estimate.