Boost the Value of Your Home by Refacing Your Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Clean and empty marble countertop, green vintage kitchen furniture with lots of flowers and bowl of strawberries, pair of white hanging pendant lights, various crockery in blurred background

Kitchens and bathrooms, according to both realtors and designers, sell homes. These are two areas that homebuyers scrutinize closely. If either one doesn’t appear sharp, clean, and updated, a buyer will start subtracting from his or her potential offer or may decide not to make one at all.

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovations, homeowners are frequently faced with difficult decisions. Is the time, effort, and cost of renovation or a complete remodel going to be worth the time, effort, and money? Renovation or remodeling may be necessary in some situations, and homeowners can expect a decent return on their investment.

A little cosmetic attention will go a long way in some circumstances. Cabinet refacing may be a better option than replacing kitchen, bath, or both cabinetry. There are a variety of fantastic cabinet refacing materials to pick from. Keep reading to learn about the additions you can include in your cabinets and then contact Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 to learn more about this and other cabinet services.

Edge Banding and Veneer

For cabinet refacing, pressure sensitive veneer is a popular option. It’s comprised of cabinet-grade wood and instantly refreshes cabinetry. Veneer comes in a variety of wood species, hues, and finishes to fit your design scheme. It’s not difficult to use. While it does take some time and attention to detail, it is significantly less time consuming, labor involved, and expensive than replacing cabinets.

Wood veneer can also be used to give fiberboard cabinetry a more upscale appearance. To conceal exposed edges, you might purchase edge banding or veneer strips. Even if you purchase special veneer equipment, the cost will be significantly lower than renovation, and you will still add significant value to your property. Kitchen cabinets, vanities, and any other cabinetry in your home can benefit from wood veneer and edge banding.

Crown and Trim Molding

Add crown molding to the tops of cabinets and trim molding to the faces to give your refacing job a professional look. To match the veneer, stain the trim. Molding gives complexity and a luxurious feel. You achieve a professional look, make sure to miter corners.

Refinishing or Painting

Painting or refinishing cabinetry is time-consuming, but it can save you money while increasing the value of your property. Your cabinetry may be dark, dingy, or outdated, but a fresh coat of stain or a clean coat of paint can completely transform it. Do it right if you decide to take on one of these undertakings. Professional results take a lot of work and effort, but they’re well worth it.

Hardware Upgrades

To improve the look and feel of your cabinets, you might be shocked to learn that all they need is a thorough cleaning and some new hardware. You’ll be surprised at how much better current gear looks. After a cabinet refacing project, it’s also a good idea to replace the hardware. You don’t want to reinstall old hardware on newly refaced cabinets and drawers. Choose unique knobs, bars, and pulls for your cabinets and drawers that complement your “new” cabinets as well as the rest of the space’s fixtures.