Custom Cabinets Can Help Improve Your Productivity in Your Home Office

Mature man working in  home office

There are a lot of advantages to working from home, but it has its challenges too. One of the issues many work-at-home folks have without even realizing it’s an issue is an office that’s not meeting their needs. Is the furniture in your office simply left over from the rest of your home? Does your lack of storage lead to piles of paper everywhere you look? Studies have shown that employees are more productive when they’re in an organized space. Cabinet Magic can help you organize your office for less than you might think.

We Provide Custom Cabinets for Your Exact Needs

When you work with us, you can count on the right solution for whatever your home office issues are. Some clients just want a desk built in to their kitchen, while others want to turn an empty room into an office with wall to wall shelving. No matter how simply or complex the issue is, we can help.

You Have 100% Control Over Your Cabinet Designs

The desks and / or cabinets you order from Cabinet Magic are made in our La Habra factory, which means you get to call the shots when it comes to designing your home office furniture. When you think of custom cabinetry, you likely think of the fact that it will be sized to exactly fit the dimensions you need it to fit. While that’s true, there’s actually quite a few things you’ll have control.

For example, what kind of wood do you want to use? What stain or paint color do you want? Do you want a desktop made out of wood, stone, or laminate? Do you need file storage? How many shelves do you need? What about a cabinet for your printer? Do you want to be able to close your cabinet doors and put what’s inside out of your mind, or do you want glass cabinet doors? You can even pick out your own designer door handles.

See the Design Before You Sign Off on It

We use a 3D computer model to show you the design before we start building your cabinetry in our factory. When you see this model, you’ll be able to see how it will really work and look. You can then add any final changes or adjustments to make sure the final product is just what you need.

We Can Help From Start to Finish

When you work with Cabinet Magic, you’re working with a full service remodeling contractor. This means we can help with every aspect of your remodeling project, including not just cabinetry but flooring, lighting, and much more. Check out our gallery of past work to see what we’ve done in the past.

Are you ready to learn more about how you could totally transform your home office? Call us today at 800-570-4194 to set up your free in-home estimate.