Don’t Make Up Your Mind About Cabinet Refacing Until You Have All the Facts

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Unless you have seen examples of cabinet refacing, researched the cost savings, and understand the environmental benefits, we ask that you do not judge this option. It is an affordable, beautiful option that offers as many options as you would get if you were having your cabinets built over from scratch. Keep reading to learn more and then contact Cabinet Magic at 833-251-6317 for a cabinet refacing estimate.

You Can Save Big on Cabinet Refacing

If your kitchen cabinets are essentially in the same place you want them, and your cabinets are in good shape internally, then there is no reason to rip them out and start over. Instead, refacing removes the “face” of the cabinet and replaces it with something new. You get the look you want but at a literal fraction of the cost you would have paid to have them ripped out and replaced.

Cabinet Refacing Is Completed Much Faster and With Much Less of a Mess

If you have your kitchen or bathroom cabinets replaced entirely, you can expect that it will take between three and five weeks of having your kitchen torn up. Kitchen refacing is much faster. When you work with Cabinet Magic, we create the cabinet faces at our La Habra factory. Once they are ready, we can come and install them within a day or two. This involves much less of a disruption to your life than replacing your cabinets would.

What to Expect From Cabinet Refacing

First, we remove all the doors and drawers and create doors and drawers to the exact specifications of your cabinet bones. Every exposed surface is covered with a match, whether wood or foil. We install the new doors and drawers, add specialty molding or crown moldings if you have added them. if there are any additional cabinets being made (such as adding cabinets to an island) we do this then.

You Get All the Customization You Want Without the High Cost That Usually Comes Along

If you have looked into new cabinets at all, then you know that investing in them is just that – an investment. It can cost a lot and is often out of budget for many homeowners. Even if you can afford to use new cabinets, wouldn’t you rather use that money in other areas of the remodel?

Refacing Is the Eco-Friendly Option

If you are an environmentally conscious person then you will appreciate the eco-friendly properties of refaced cabinets. Instead of scrapping all the wood that is currently in use, you are getting rid of only the wood that is no longer serving your needs. This is much less wasteful than other new cabinet projects.

If you are ready to learn more or view our 20,000+ square foot warehouse then we invite you to contact Cabinet Magic at 833-251-6317 for details.