High Gloss Cabinets Have Their Pros and Cons: Learn Them Both and Decide for Yourself

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If you are in considering high-gloss cabinets then you may be wondering: What are the best and worst things about these cabinets? Keep reading to get the basic pros and cons. If you need help choosing cabinets, want your cabinets refaced, or have other questions about cabinets, please contact Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 for help.

What Exactly Are High-Gloss Cabinets?

First, let us discuss what a high-gloss cabinet is. It first started trending back in the 1970s but has come back as a popular trend. It’s also sometimes called 100% gloss or ultra-high gloss, depending on who is doing the work and what they are using. High-gloss cabinets have a shiny finish and can reflect light, which is one of the main reasons people choose them.

The Pros of High-Gloss Cabinets

The biggest advantage of high-gloss cabinets is that they can reflect life to make a space feel brighter, bigger, and more open than it is. For this reason, it’s often a choice in smaller kitchens. It can also be a good choice if you want darker cabinets as the reflecting properties can lighten up the darkness while still leaving the color you like.

People also choose high-gloss cabinets because they are easy to clean. All you need is a non-scratch microfiber cloth to clean the front. You can see fingerprints and dirt easily, which can be a plus because you will always know when it is time to clean these cabinets.

The Cons of High-Gloss Cabinets

Of course, high-gloss cabinets are not for everyone and there are some things people don’t care for about them. First, they reflect a lot of light. Yes, this is good news – but it also means they reflect fingerprints, scratches, etc. Anything that would show up on a matte cabinet is going to show up more easily on high-gloss cabinets. If you have younger children who are commonly putting their fingerprints on your cabinets or may damage them, then high-gloss may not be the best choice.

Planning to Install High-Gloss Cabinets? Consider These Tips

If you decide on high-gloss cabinets there are some tips that can help you enjoy them more. First, if you are concerned about the issue of fingerprints, consider installing them on upper cabinets that will not be touched as much. If you want a dark color in your kitchen but also want a gloss finish, consider mixing the light and dark colors so that you can have both – just in different parts of the kitchen.

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