Is This Construction’s Best Kept Secret? Learn How to Save Big on a Kitchen Remodel

Contractor installing a new laminate kitchen counter top Kitchen more functional with a sink, cooktop,

Everyone wants their dream kitchen but no one wants to spend their life savings to get it. the good news is that there is another option. At Cabinet Magic, we offer a number of services designed specifically to create the perfect kitchen without costing our clients an arm and a leg. Many people assume that their only option is to make grand, sweeping changes but the truth is that sometimes the smallest changes give you the biggest impact.

Don’t Tell Our Competition That We Let You in on the Secret

If we could give just one piece of advice to everyone who wanted to remodel their kitchen on a budget, it would be this: Keep your current layout. Making changes to your layout is the best way to instantly increase your costs by as much as ten times. What may seem like a minor change could result in:

  • Taking down walls
  • Moving gas lines
  • Installing new plumbing connections
  • Electrical wiring issues

The good news is that keeping your layout doesn’t mean you have to keep the things you don’t love – we can help you create the perfect kitchen for less.

Don’t Like the Way Your Cabinets Look? Reface Them

Cabinet refacing is the best way to get everything you want regarding brand-new looking cabinets without spending your entire budget. The process is simple. You tell us what you need, and we do it for you. Do you want cabinets made from an entirely different material? We can create that. Do you want cabinets that are of an entirely different color and with different hardware? We can do that too!

Cabinet refacing involves keeping the original layout of the cabinets but putting on new exteriors. The look is brand new but the cost is perfect for bargain hunters.

Make Your Current Kitchen Layout Work for You

If you read this tip and thought that it wasn’t for you because the current layout in your kitchen does not work, then we have good news for you. There are many, many cabinet accessories that can totally transform the way your space works for you. As one example, if you wish you had more storage in your kitchen then we can add cabinet drawers or pullouts in areas that you thought were nothing more than wasted space.

There are always options and alternatives – you just need a partner that is willing to find them for you. You have found that creative partner in Cabinet Magic. Reach out to us at 800-570-4194 now to get started.