It’s Time to Take a Look at the Tried-And-True 2021 Cabinet Trends

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We have seen plenty of lists of 2021 cabinet trends written and published in 2020, but now that the year is finally here, we can say what is actually becoming popular. At Cabinet Magic, we recommend considering these trends to see if you like them, but at the end of the day you should only choose décor and elements that you love. You are the one that will have to live with the results for years to come.

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Cabinet Refacing

We are proud to say that cabinet refacing is a service we have been recommending and performing for many years. We are glad to see that many people are realizing how cost-effective this option is. It is simple: the “bones” of your cabinet are not changed. Instead, we take off the “faces” and replace them with newer, re-finished cabinets. This gives you an entirely new look to your kitchen or bathroom but at a fraction of the price.

It also takes much less time. Consider that we can complete most jobs within three to five days, while a total replacement can take weeks. Finally, refacing is an eco-friendly option because it reuses the bones of your cabinets instead of throwing them out.

Creative Options

Today’s kitchens and bathrooms are more creative than ever before. We are seeing some mildly interesting things, such as lighting in unexpected places, or unique layouts in the kitchen. If you are thinking of doing something very creative, make sure you are thinking of the long term. Are you planning to sell your home in the next decade? If you are, then you should consider that a “creative” kitchen or bathroom might be much harder to market.

Multi-Color Cabinets

Adding color has been a popular trend for a few years but in 2021, we are seeing it being taken to another level with multi-colors being added. You can choose to combine safe, neutral colors, or you can choose bolder, more vibrant colors. In fact, it is not just cabinets that are being done in bold colors – kitchen islands are now often being created to look like focal points instead of simple utilitarian pieces.

Sustainable Options

This is hardly a new trend but it remains ever-popular. Many people want to know that they are making the smartest possible choices when it comes to choosing eco-friendly materials. Once again, refacing is a great way to achieve this goal, but you can also choose from eco-friendlier woods. Just be sure to ask Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 about which are the best options to choose from if you believe sustainability is one of your top priorities.