Learn Seven of the Dozens of Reasons It’s Wise to Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets

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The practice of cabinet refacing is growing in popularity as more and more homeowners seek to update the appearance of their kitchens without incurring the cost and inconvenience of a complete renovation. Cabinet refacing include changing the knobs, doors, and drawer fronts. The visible portions are then covered with a fresh veneer.

It’s a very common option, and Cabinet Magic is pleased to be a pioneer in this field. When you’re ready for a free in-home consultation and estimate, call us at 800-570-4194 or continue reading to learn seven reasons why customers pick it.

  1. It’s a reasonable price
    First and foremost, refacing cabinets is far less expensive than having new cabinets fitted. In fact, having your cabinets refaced typically costs around 50% less. While we are concentrating on kitchen cabinets, you can use this option anyplace you have cabinets, including the bathroom.
  2. Cabinet refacing is not difficult
    It can take days to replace your cabinets because it takes a lot of labor. On the other hand, once we have made your new cabinet races in our La Habra workshop, we can reface your cabinets in a day or two.
  3. No nice cabinets will go to waste
    Even though your cabinets are otherwise in fine shape, you might not like the way they look. Tossing them out would just result in more waste entering landfills. However, when you reface cabinets, you maintain the portions that are still functional.
  4. You have many options
    You can select the design and kind of wood you want to be utilized when working with a firm like Cabinet Magic that custom fabricates all of our cabinet faces. This provides you with almost limitless alternatives and guarantees that the outcome is what you were hoping for.
  5. Choose from a variety of finishes
    You can select any finish in addition to the numerous timber and styling possibilities. We offer a treatment for that if you select real wood like hickory, maple, or birch and want the grain to show through. If you decide on a composite and want it to look like wood, we can do that too. In reality, we are capable of doing almost everything in between.
  6. It is ecological
    Many older cabinets contain formaldehyde or other potentially harmful materials that can cause problems when disposed of in landfills. By deciding to keep your cabinets, you can stop harmful chemicals from accumulating.
  7. With little expense or hassle, you have a completely new appearance
    In the end, individuals decide to reface their kitchen cabinets rather than renovate their kitchen since refacing allows them to achieve the desired look for far less money and difficulty. Call Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 if you’re prepared to receive more for less money.