Replacing Your Cabinets Is Not the Best Choice – Learn Why Cabinet Refacing Is Often the Best Choice

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Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your cabinets? Replacing your cabinetry is one alternative. This will drastically alter the appearance of your kitchen and has several benefits. Many homeowners, however, are unaware that there is another option: cabinet refacing. Continue reading to hear five reasons why this may be a wonderful choice for you, and then call Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 to learn more.

It Is a Far More Cost-Effective Alternative

The majority of individuals contemplate refacing their cabinets rather than replacing them because it is a lot more cost-effective choice. It operates in a straightforward manner. Your cabinets’ structure hasn’t changed. Consider it as the bones of your cabinets sticking put. The doors, knobs, and other face components are then removed and replaced.

This improvement gives your kitchen the appearance of brand new cabinets for a fraction of the price. In fact, as compared to replacing cabinets, the average savings is over 60%.

Refacing Cabinets Takes a Lot Less Time

If you’re afraid of taking on home renovation tasks because you know they’ll take a long time, you’ll be relieved to learn that cabinet refacing is a quick process. In reality, a typical cabinet refacing project takes around a week to complete. When you compare this to the time it takes to install a whole kitchen cabinet, which takes around four weeks, you can realize how much faster it is.

Cabinet Refacing Is a Cleaner Option

It’s not uncommon for home remodeling projects to be a shambles. There may be a lot of sawdust, plastic tarps, and other concerns involved. The good news is that because cabinet refacing does not need you to remove your cabinets and we do not use spray finishes in your house, the mess will be minimal. We will vacuum, clean up, and wipe down your kitchen at the end of each day so that it remains as clean as possible.

Cabinet Refacing Is a More Practical Option

Who wants their kitchen to be out of commission for even a day? Your kitchen might be out of service for weeks if the cabinets are replaced. With cabinet refacing, this is not the case. In most circumstances, you will be able to utilize the kitchen during the repair.

Refacing Cabinets Is a Green Alternative

There are several reasons why cabinet refacing is a more environmentally friendly alternative than replacing cabinets entirely. To begin with, you are not merely discarding cabinets that are in good working order. Second, we employ locally sourced, renewable timber and materials. Refacing is the best option if you want to limit the number of resources that are taken from the earth to make new cabinets.

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