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Kitchen Remodeling in Brea CA

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Trust Cabinet Magic for stunning kitchen remodeling in Brea CA

Kitchen Remodeling Depending on the scope of your project,Kitchen remodeling in Brea CA has the potential to involve many challenging tasks, from installing perfectly level countertops and cabinets to rerouting plumbing and gas lines. Naturally, you need an experienced contractor like Cabinet Magic to make your project a success. At Cabinet Magic, we have over 33 years of experience in cabinet fabrication and remodeling. We know exactly how to get you the high quality products you need and manage all the moving pieces of the project so that the work gets done on time, on budget, and with superior quality craftsmanship.

Every Project Starts with 3D Rendering

Totally changing the appearance and possibly even the layout of your kitchen with kitchen remodeling in Brea CA can be an exciting prospect. But it can also be a bit intimidating. After all, what if the countertops, flooring, paint colors, light fixtures, or other design elements you’ve chosen don’t look quite right when they’re all put together?

At Cabinet Magic, we understand how important having an accurate visualization of the finished kitchen remodeling in Brea CA is for your comfort and peace of mind. That’s why we offer 3D computer rendering services on every remodeling project. We’re happy to create multiple versions of the design so you can easily compare different options. We never begin work without your sign off and approval of every detail of the design.

Our Factory Showroom Offers One-Stop Shopping

Purchasing all the products required for kitchen remodeling in Brea CA can be really time consuming when you have to visit multiple showrooms or place orders with multiple vendors. At Cabinet Magic, we offer a different experience, with all the designer products you need under one roof. You can come tour our fully stocked factory showroom and quickly and easily put together exactly what you need for your design, including:

  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Islands
  • Flooring
  • Backsplashes
  • Light fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Sinks & faucets
  • Windows
  • Accessories

We Specialize in Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets give you the ability to control not only the appearance your cabinets, but also their functionality. You can trust Cabinet Magic with your custom cabinetry because we have nearly 3 decades of experience in this specialty service. No decorative detail or cabinet accessory is too difficult for our talented craftsmen. We are true perfectionists and we take great pride in delivering quality cabinetry that lasts.

Start Your Kitchen Remodeling in Brea CA Today

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