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Cabinet Refacing in Duarte CA

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Get a brand new look for your kitchen with cabinet refacing in Duarte CA

Have you been dreaming of a new look for your kitchen? Maybe you’d like some glass fronted cabinet doors to break up that expanse of wood, or perhaps you want a bold new color. Fortunately, solving these problems doesn’t have to be a huge project involving total cabinet replacement. All you need to do is get cabinet refacing in Duarte CA from Cabinet Magic.

What Is Cabinet Refacing in Duarte CA?

With cabinet refacing in Duarte CA, most of your cabinetry will be left in place and reused. We will only replace the doors and drawer fronts. Adding or replacing crown molding is optional. By covering exposed exterior cabinet surfaces with a matching material, we leave your kitchen with a new, cohesive look.

Cabinet Magic is a respected manufacturer of custom cabinets, and we put the same craftsmanship into our new doors and drawer fronts. We will make them to your exact specifications. We can make any style of cabinet door or drawer front in your choice of woods. We also have a complete range of paint and stain options. While you’re getting cabinet refacing in Duarte CA, you may also want to consider adding additional features to your cabinetry such as soft close hinges and pull-out shelves.

Top 3 Reasons Cabinet Refacing Is Better Than New Custom Cabinets in Duarte CA

It’s Cost-Effective: Compared to the cost of custom fabricating all new cabinets from scratch, cabinet refacing is a much more affordable means of achieving the clean, fresh, updated look you want. You can save hundreds of dollars.

It’s Convenient: Unlike a complete cabinet replacement job, which would have you living in a reno zone for days as the old cabinets are removed, the new ones are installed, and the rest of your kitchen is put back together, cabinet refacing can be done quickly and simply with very little construction mess.

It’s Eco-Friendly: Throwing out old cabinets and making new ones from scratch has a big environmental impact. Cabinet refacing gives you the same look with a much smaller carbon footprint.

Start the Transformation Today

You can trust Cabinet Magic to transform your old cabinets with professional cabinet refacing in Duarte CA. We are confident we will meet and exceed your expectations with superior craftsmanship and service. To learn more about how we can improve the look of your kitchen and what it will cost,Call 800-828-4380 and request your free in home estimate.

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