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Cabinet Refacing in La Verne CA

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Get a brand new look for your kitchen with cabinet refacing in La Verne CA

Cabinet Refacing Don’t let the high cost of kitchen cabinet replacement stop you from getting the custom look you want for your kitchen. With Cabinet Magic, it is possible to get the new look you want at a reasonable and affordable cost. How do we do it? With cabinet refacing in La Verne CA.

What Is Cabinet Refacing in La Verne CA?

With cabinet refacing in La Verne CA, you only replace the pieces that are affecting the look of your kitchen, namely the cabinet doors and drawers. Crown moldings can also be replaced or added as needed. To complete the look, we’ll cover any exposed cabinet surfaces with a new material matching your new cabinet doors and drawers.

Because Cabinet Magic will custom create your new doors and drawer fronts, you will have complete design control. You can have your choice of styles as well as just about any color of paint or wood finish. When cabinet refacing in La Verne CA is paired with new features like soft close hinges, lazy susans, and pull-out racks for deep cabinets, the result is cabinetry that looks and functions like new.

Top 3 Reasons Cabinet Refacing Is Better Than New Custom Cabinets in La Verne CA

It’s Cost-Effective: Cabinet refacing will save you $$$ compared to complete cabinet replacement. But the finished look will be just as high quality.

It’s Convenient: Having your kitchen gutted to make way for new cabinets makes a big mess and can be a big inconvenience. Cabinet refacing is a much simpler, neater process that can typically be completed in just one day.

It’s Eco-Friendly: Throwing out old cabinets and making new ones from scratch has a big environmental impact. Cabinet refacing gives you the same look with a much smaller carbon footprint.

Start the Transformation Today

Are you ready to make the kitchen of your dreams a reality with cabinet refacing in La Verne CA? Cabinet Magic is here to help. We are confident we will meet and exceed your expectations with superior craftsmanship and service. Take the first step towards your new cabinets today by calling 800-828-4380 and requesting a free in home estimate.

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