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Laundry Rooms

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Cabinet Magic can help you create an organized and attractive laundry room with custom cabinetry

It takes a lot more than just a washer and dryer to create a laundry room. You also need space to fold clean laundry, storage for your detergent and other odds and ends, and maybe even a sink for hand washing delicate items. In other words—you need laundry room cabinetry.

Let Cabinet Magic Transform Your Laundry Room

As a full service remodeling contractor, Cabinet Magic makes an excellent partner for your laundry room project. We can not only provide the cabinets and countertops you need for storage and folding space, but also handle other needs that may crop up during a major remodeling project. For example, we can move or install a laundry sink for you, as well as provide new flooring, lighting, and accessories to put the finishing touches on your design.

Custom Cabinets are Our Specialty

If you want to maximize every inch of space in your laundry room, prefab cabinets just aren’t going to cut it. Fortunately, Cabinet Magic can build custom cabinets that will fit the exact dimensions of your laundry room with no wasted space or unsightly gaps.

All of our cabinets are built from scratch right here in our La Habra factory. This gives you the power to choose the size, style, and color of cabinets you want. We can add plenty of extra features for you too, such as pull-out racks, hooks, hanger bars, and of course the door and drawer pulls of your choice.

We will create a 3D mockup of your laundry room cabinet design, so you have the opportunity to preview your design and approve every detail before we begin work on your cabinets.

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