These Are Just a Few of the Many Reasons Cabinet Refacing Might Be the Right Choice for You

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Are you sick and bored of how your cabinets appear? One option is to change your cabinetry. This has advantages and will significantly alter how your kitchen appears. However, a lot of homeowners are unaware that cabinet refacing is an additional option. Here are five reasons why choosing this can be a wise decision for you. If you have any questions, call Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194.

It Is a Significantly More Economical Choice

Refacing cabinets as opposed to replacing them is often chosen by most individuals since it is considerably more cost-effective. The process is straightforward. The framework of your cabinets is still there. Consider it as your cabinets’ skeleton remaining in place. The doors, knobs, and other face components are then removed and replaced.

This improvement gives the appearance of brand-new cabinetry in your kitchen for a fraction of the price. In comparison to replacing cabinets, the typical savings is in the neighborhood of 60%.

Refacing Cabinets Takes Much Less Time

You will be relieved to learn that cabinet refacing is a fairly quick home improvement job if you fear home improvement tasks because you know they will take a lot of time. In actuality, the normal cabinet refacing process lasts on average one week. This is far quicker compared to building a whole kitchen cabinet, which takes around four weeks.

Refacing Cabinets Is Less Messy

Projects for home repair may be untidy. They could entail a lot of sawdust, tarps made of plastic, and other things. The good news is that the mess is minimal because cabinet refacing doesn’t need physically removing your cabinets and because we won’t be utilizing spray finishes inside your house. We will vacuum, clean up, and wipe down your kitchen at the conclusion of each day we are working on it to ensure that it stays as spotless as possible.

Refacing Cabinets Is More Practical

Who wants their kitchen to be out of commission for even a day? Your kitchen may be unusable for weeks if you decide to replace the cabinets. With cabinet refacing, this isn’t the case. Most of the time, you may continue to use the kitchen while it is being restored.

Refacing Cabinets Is a Sustainable Choice

There are a few factors that make cabinet refacing more environmentally friendly than completely replacing cabinets. First off, you are not just tossing away functional cabinets. We also employ locally sourced, renewable woods and materials. Refacing is the best option if you want to minimize the number of resources that are extracted from the earth to produce new cabinets.

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