These Are the Only 4 Things You Should Consider Storing in Open Cabinets

Digitally generated modern Scandinavian domestic kitchen interior scene.  The scene was rendered with photorealistic shaders and lighting in Autodesk® 3ds Max 2019 with V-Ray 3.7 with some post-production added.

Open cabinets may look great when you are first installing cabinets in your kitchen, but there are only a few things that can be successfully stored in this way. Why? Because anything you store there is going to collect dirt and dust. Unless you want to clean what’s on your shelves constantly, or you do not care if your home looks dirty, we recommend only storing the following items on open shelves.

  1. Objects You Already Wash Every Day
    Certain objects that you use every day and that you already wash frequently can be stored in an open cabinet. This would include your favorite coffee cup or your child’s cereal bowl. The idea is that if it is used daily and washed daily, then it will not have time to build up dust and dirt like other items could.
  2. Cookbooks
    Since cookbooks do not generally show dust, they can be stored in open cabinets. It is also nice to have easy access to cookbooks and they are generally stored out in the open anyway, whether used as coffee table books or located on shelves. If you have many cookbooks, they can become part of your kitchen décor and can become a talking point.
  3. Large Items That Don’t Fit Anywhere Else
    If you have large soup tureens, serving platters, pots that don’t fit anywhere else, or other large items, then you can store them in an open cabinet. Just be aware that when you do so, you will need to wash them when you need to use them. This should be as simple as a quick rinse but there is gunk they can be exposed to when sitting in the open air.
  4. Wine Racks
    Wine bottles are large and difficult to store unless you have a standing wine rack. You can turn an open cabinet into a wine rack. If you are a particular fan of wine, this can be used as décor too and can get your guests talking about what type of wine everyone enjoys. The only issue with this option is that if you do not drink the wine fast enough, it can begin to develop dust and grime. You should also be sure not to install this type of wine rack over a stove as the heat could affect the quality of the wine.

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