We Can Take Your Dream Laundry Room and Make It a Reality

Space devoted to pet, pet friendly laundry room in white tones with appliances and dog bath shower with wooden ladder inside a drawer. Dog bed with gate. Modern interior design idea

We have excellent news for you if you avoid using your laundry room because it is so unkempt or antiquated. Remodeling your laundry room with Cabinet Magic‘s assistance can significantly improve how you feel about carrying out this important task. After reading on to see how we may assist you, call us at 800-570-4194 to find out more information or to arrange a free consultation.

What Elements Would You Include in Your Ideal Laundry Room?

It’s true that we want to share our own design concepts, but we also want to make sure the laundry room is ideal for your requirements. Close your eyes and picture the ideal laundry room if you’re unsure of exactly how that might appear. Is there room for folding laundry there? Does it have a spot where your detergent may be stored neatly? Is there a sink where you may wash your delicates by hand? Whatever style of laundry room you desire can be built.

Our Goal Is to Revamp Your Laundry Room to Your Exact Specifications

Cabinet Magic is a full-service remodeling contractor, not just a construction company. We are the ideal partner to assist you with this job as a result. To make sure you have the appropriate storage and folding space, we can design and install the ideal cabinets. As you remodel, we may also assist with any other problems that arise, such as moving or adding a laundry sink, putting in new flooring, adding lights, etc.

Custom Cabinetry Is What We Focus On Offering

Pre-made cabinets just won’t work if you want to make the most of your laundry room’s available space. The good news is that Cabinet Magic is well-equipped to construct custom cabinets for you that provide the ideal fit without unsightly gaps or unused space. In our La Habra facility, we manufacture all of our cabinets, and you may choose the color, size, style, etc. In addition, we provide supplementary features including hooks, hanger bars, and pull-out racks.

For Your Free In-Home Estimate, Contact Us Right Away

When you get in touch with Cabinet Magic, we’ll start by making a 3D prototype of the cabinet design we’re thinking about. Then you may see it in use and determine if the design is suitable for you. Before we begin building your cabinets, we’ll make sure you approve of this mockup. Call us at 800-570-4194 if you have questions regarding the price or steps involved in moving forward with custom cabinetry. Our knowledgeable, talented, and experienced staff can begin the process by setting up a free in-home estimate.