Wishing for a Tidier Kitchen? Follow These 6 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

white kitchen cabinet

Are you one of the many people who wishes that their kitchen was prettier, more organized, and tidier? The good news is that you there are a few simple tips you can follow that will not just make your kitchen look tidier for a few days, but for many years to come. Check out these six tips and if you need help making more permanent kitchen remodeling changes, reach out to Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 for help.

  1. Clean out your cabinets by taking everything out
    If you want to really tidy up your cabinets, the best option is to take everything out and go through it. Get rid of things you don’t use often or that are duplicated, and get rid of things you didn’t even remember you had or that are broken. If you do this drawer by drawer and cabinet by cabinet, you will be surprised by how much more room you have when you’re done – and how much more organized your cabinet is.
  2. Store things in clear containers
    Group together things in your cabinets like packets of sauce mix, hot cereal packets, hot cocoa, etc. Then put them into small plastic containers so that they’re not littered all over your cabinets. You can also use clear plastic containers for small boxed storage, such as pudding mix or gelatin mix.
  3. Organize your containers and lids
    If you have containers that don’t have lids, get rid of them. If you have lids with no containers, toss them. Now that all of your containers have lids, store them in another container with their lids. Do the same with pots and pans. This will not only look nicer but will prevent you from having to spend 20 minutes searching every time you need something with a lid.
  4. Don’t ignore vertical space
    Don’t waste space under your cabinets – hang hooks that can old coffee mugs, or a rack for wine glasses. Hang hooks inside your cabinets or pantries to hold measuring cups and other frequently used kitchen supplies.
  5. Make use of hard-to-reach places
    The deeper parts of your cabinets don’t have to be wasted. Get a lazy Susan that will turn to give you access to everything in your cabinet. We can help by adding cabinet accessories that work perfectly for your needs.
  6. Divide your drawers
    Drawer dividers are an excellent way to keep your cooking utensils organized. After all, you need somewhere to put small, miscellaneous things but you don’t want them cluttering up your drawers. Dividers are the perfect thing that give everything their own spot to be.

If you want a more tidy and organized kitchen, Cabinet Magic can help you. Even if you’re working with small spaces, we specialize in creating custom kitchen solutions. Call us at 800-570-4194 today to learn more about the many options available to change the way you see and use your kitchen.