Worth the Splurge or Not Worth the Splurge: Take a Look at Common Options for Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Beautiful kitchen room with green island and farmhouse sink.

If you had an unlimited budget you may create a kitchen that had all the bells and whistles. As a person who does need to consider the cost of things, you may be wonder: What splurge items are worth it and which ones are worth skipping? The short answer is this: If it’s something you love then it’s worth splurging on.

That said, after working on kitchen remodeling projects for many years, we have seen what homeowners generally consider “worth it” and what homeowners often wish they’d skilled. Keep reading to get the details and then contact Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 if you are ready for your own project to get started.

4 Things That Are Worth the Splurge

First, let’s discuss four things that are absolutely worth the splurge:

  1. Adding a second sink. Having a second sink outside of your main cooking and cleanup area is a lifesaver. It allows a second chef to prep food, wash their hand, bartend, etc. It also gives you an area to keep dirty dishes soaking and out of the way while you continue preparations.
  2. Refacing your cabinets. If you want to enjoy the look of brand-new cabinets without the cost, then cabinet refacing is a must. At Cabinet Magic we can help create custom cabinet faces that exactly meet your needs.
  3. Paneled cabinet ends. While we are at, ask us about decorative panels for your cabinet ends. They are basically oversized doors that are fixed to the side of the cabinet. This helps improve the custom-look.
  4. Full-extension / soft-close drawer glides. When you install these full-extension, soft-close drawer glides, you can pull a cabinet out completely. This gives you the option to see and reach everything in your cabinet – plus it gets rid of the aggravating slamming.

Of course, there are other things that may be worth splurging for but these are four examples we feel confident you will not regret.

4 Things That Aren’t Worth the Splurge

Now Let’s look at some things that homeowners often decide to skip – or wish that they had.

  1. Distressed / Crackled / Glazed finishes. Even if you love the look today, these finishes can increase the cost of cabinets by as much as 30% and they tend to look dated more quickly than you may think.
  2. Pot fillers. Yes, this will make it easier to fill a pasta pot – but it doesn’t help you with carrying the boiling water to the sink when you’re done cooking it.
  3. New cabinets. Unless you really do not like the setup of your cabinets, it is much more cost effective to simply have them refaced.
  4. A wine fridge. Do you really need to have a dozen bottles of wine all cooled to the exact correct temperature at all times?

Of course, these are all subjective and you may find value in any of these. No matter your preferences, you can contact Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 for help.