Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Cabinet Hardware

Installation of measuring drawers handles on kitchen cabinets

When it comes to finding the perfect cabinets, it is all in the details. At Cabinet Magic, we offer a wide range of cabinet accessories that can help make buying cabinets and hardware a fun experience. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right hardware for your needs, and then contact us at 800-570-4194 for assistance.

Consider Your Home’s Current Flow

You want to make sure that you choose hardware that is going to work with the style of your home or the style you intend to have after the remodel is finished. Does this mean that it needs to match the style of your home? No – but it should complement or blend in. The key is to make sure that styles are a consideration when choosing the right accessories for your new cabinets.

Choose the Best Type and Size

Depending on the style of the cabinet and the function you need, you can decide if you want pulls or if you want knobs. Think about both what will look good and what will make the most sense for your needs. The key is to find the balance between functional and beautiful.

Hardware Is a Great Place to Take a Risk

If you are considering a bold look, cabinet hardware is a great place to try it out. It is relatively affordable, and it can be easily swapped out if you find that you do not like the look. Before making a significant change to an entire room, live with the bold hardware to confirm that you like the way it looks.

Matte and Shiny Each Have Their Own Advantages

When it comes to finishes, you will generally be choosing between matte or shiny. Many people like the look of a shiny finish, but remember that they show fingerprints much more than a matte finish would. If you have a large household and/or young children, then it might be best to choose the matte look that will hide the prints.

There’s a Lot to Love About Various Colors of Hardware

Once you have decided on the finish, you will choose a color. Many people who are looking for a more modern farmhouse look will choose black. They like that it is a clean, classic look that requires little maintenance and mixes well with other metals.

Another popular option is gold. This warm metal with yellow undertones is very popular. Remember that the finish and color can vary significantly between manufacturers, so carefully choose the options you want. Mattes are more popular in gold, and this is a color that is often chosen as an accent to brighten up a white kitchen.

These are just a few examples of colors you can choose from when you work with Cabinet Magic. Feel free to call us today at 800-570-4194 or stop by our showroom to find all the cabinet accessories you need.