Your Custom-Designed Office Retreat Is Just a Phone Call Away

a beautiful office in a luxury house decorated in tones of grey with generous use of grey mock-snakeskin leather (backdrop to the display shelves, the lower cupboard doors, the desk sides and surround to the wall-mounted TV). The display cabinet is lit with LED lights together with the base of the cupboards. The surface of the desk is a large piece of glass.

Do you feel like you’re in a room designed for working while you’re at your home office? Or do you feel as though you’ve been thrown into a room that was plainly meant for someone else? Is everything in the room in order? Do you have a desk that satisfies your requirements? Are you running out of storage space and fed up with the chaos? Cabinet Magic is here to assist you in creating the home office of your dreams.

Find the Solution to Your Cabinetry Shortage

Cabinet Magic provides bespoke cabinets for your home office when you work with us. We can help you get the job done well, whether you’re searching for a built-in desk that will sit in your kitchen but serve as a home office, or you want to dedicate a room to office space by installing wall-to-wall cabinets and custom shelves.

We Start From the Ground up to Ensure You Receive Exactly What You Need

Cabinet Magic creates each cabinet from the ground up in our facility. Our team in La Habra takes your ideas and turns them into reality. Every detail of your bespoke cabinetry is completely within your control. You may select the type of wood and the stain or paint color that best suits your needs. You get to choose whether your desk’s top is made of wood, stone, laminate, or another material.

You can add whatever you need, from file storage to bookshelves, while leaving off everything you don’t. Do you require a cabinet to house your computer and/or printer? We can assist you! Do you prefer solid wood or clear glass cabinet doors? It’s entirely up to you! Choose the doorknobs and drawer pulls that are right for you. You have complete control.

Before You Commit, Be Sure You Know What You’re Receiving

The one drawback to buying bespoke cabinets is that you never know what they’ll look like when they’re finished – or at least that was the case in the past. Cabinet Magic use 3D computer modeling to ensure that you can view the finished product precisely as it will appear. If you like it, you may approve it or let us know what modifications we need to make.

We Can Assist You With Every Element of Renovating

Call Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 if you’re redesigning your workplace or any other portion of your house. We are a full-service contractor who can assist you with any aspect of your home. We can take demonstrations all the way down to the studs if that’s what you require, as well as all of the rebuilding to get you precisely what you want. You can rely on us for anything from lighting to flooring to cabinets.

Are you ready to create your ideal home office? Are you prepared to look forward to going to work? Then give Cabinet Magic a call at 800-570-4194 to learn more about your limitless possibilities.