5 Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen Without a Total Remodel

Kitchen with hardwood floor and granite counter tops.

People who spend a lot of time in the kitchen also often spend a lot of time imagining what their dream kitchen would look like. In many cases, they save up their pennies for years before being able to make the changes. One of the reasons it takes so long is because it can be hard to see individual projects when you’re thinking about the entire kitchen as one room.

Instead, take it one project at a time. There’s no need to wait until you can afford to gut your kitchen and create it over from scratch. Pick one project every few months – or every year – and before you know it, you’ll have changed it piece by piece into exactly what you want. Read on to get five ideas for affordable kitchen remodeling projects and then reach out to Cabinet Magic for help.

  1. Swap out your countertops
    In many kitchens, the countertops are the show-stoppers. They are important both for looks and for the functionality of the kitchen. However, they can be extremely expensive to replace. That’s why you may be happy to know that there are other options available to you. Reach out to Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 to find out how you can change your countertops without buying entirely new pieces.
  2. Reface your cabinets
    You don’t have to replace your cabinets for them to look incredible. Cabinet Magic offers cabinet refacing services that can leave your kitchen looking updated at a fraction of the cost of brand new cabinets. This is our number one secret on affordable kitchen remodeling.
  3. Add new lighting
    Changing the lighting in your kitchen could be one of the most affordable things you can do, yet it can have a huge impact. You may want to change out the look of your lighting by hanging over-the-head chandeliers or other lighting fixtures, or you may add new fixtures to shine a light on the best attributes of your kitchen.
  4. Re-stain your floors
    Wood floors are typically a great investment because they make your home’s value climb. That said, it can cost a lot to replace them. If your home already has wood floors, then they likely just need to be refreshed. That involves staining and sanding and the result can be nearly identical to actually replacing your floors entirely.
  5. Buy appliances one at a time
    It’s normal to want your stove and fridge to match. That said, it’s not always the most cost effective option. If you see your dream fridge on sale, buy it. If it takes you another six months or a year to afford the matching stove, so be it. Never wait to fix up one part of your kitchen for another part. This only ties your hands and forces you to invest at a time you’re not ready to invest.

These are a few ideas to save money. If you want the full list and help from a company that specializes in high-quality, competitively priced services, then you want to call Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194.