Create a Home Office That Works for Your Unique Needs

Living room

Does your home office really work for your needs or are you just getting by? If you’re making the space work but know that it could be much better, than Cabinet Magic is exactly the partner you’ve been looking for. We can provide the custom solutions you need to ensure that your home office meets your needs. Read on to learn more about your options and then reach out to us at 800-570-4194 for more information.

Your Home Office Should Be More Than an Afterthought

Study after study has shown that people are more productive when they’re in a neatly organized space. If you can barely see your desk because it’s been covered in papers, then it’s time to find the right solution. If you already have cabinets but simply want them to look the part, then our cabinet refacing options may be what you’re looking for.

We Can Handle Any Job Whether Large or Small

Regardless of the size of your needs, whether you want to have a built-in desk created so that you can pay bills in your kitchen, or you want to take a room and add cabinets and shelves from wall to wall, we have you covered. We build all of our products from scratch in our California factory which gives you real and total control over your end product.

What Type of Home Office Do You Want? The Choices Are Yours

We want you to have exactly what you want and exactly what you need. You can choose from a wide range of wood types and can have it stained or painted however you’d like. If you want a desk, we can top it with wood, stone, or laminate. We can add file storage and shelving. We can create unique cabinets for your computer, printer, and other electronics.

Do you want solid doors on your cabinets so you can hide items away, or do you want glass cabinet doors that let you see exactly what you have at a glance? We can help with either. You can even choose the door handles and drawer pulls to complete your truly customized look.

We Offer a 3D Model So You Can Sign Off on Your Design Before Working With Us

Once we’ve talked to you about your options, we’ll provide you with a preview model made with a 3D computer program. You can actually see just how it will look and can make changes or requests before we begin building it. We want your total satisfaction and this allows us to meet that goal.

Are You Ready for a Free In-Home Estimate?

Why wait to find out what your options are when you can call us today? We’ll come to you to assess the space you’re dealing with now. We can offer our advice, listen to your needs, and provide a free estimate. We’ll then give you time to go over that estimate and you can contact us if you’d like to move forward. Get started today by calling Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194.