6 Steps to Follow if You Decide to Remodel Your Kitchen

Decoration table and painter with plane and painting material. Top view. Horizontal composition.

So you have decided to remodel your kitchen. Congratulations! You are about to have your dream kitchen right in your home. We suggest you learn about the entire process before getting started. Read on to learn about six steps involved in remodeling your kitchen. You can also simply call Cabinet Magic at 833-251-6317 and we can handle all this and more.

  1. Start with a Plan
    Before you get started, sit down and think about how you use your kitchen and how you would like to use it. What will make it more functional? Do you need additional storage space? Would a breakfast bar or a kitchen island make a huge difference? Start with a basic idea of the overall look and feel you are searching for.
  2. Learn What Your Options Are
    Next, you will take some time to understand what your options are. For example, you will learn about the difference in cost and results when you choose between installing new cabinets and refacing your current cabinets. Do not assume that you know the options – talk to a professional to get the facts.
  3. Finalize Your Designs
    Once you know what you want and have learned about your options, it is time to make your final decisions. Your contractor can help you learn about realistic budgets – both for money and for time – to ensure that you are making plans that will actually work.
  4. Choose the Items You Want
    Now that you know what is going where, you can decide on the specifics. For example, you know where your cabinets are going, but what type of finish will they have? You have a budget for a refrigerator, but have you found the right model yet? This step can easily take you over budget if you are not careful.
  5. Get Your Kitchen Ready for the Remodel
    On the days leading up to the start of the remodeling project, get rid of any decorations on your kitchen wall. Take all the food, dishes, and other items out of your pantry. Clean everything out and move anything that is not going to be part of the remodel.
  6. Stay Up to Date
    Depending on the specifics of what you are having done, your remodeling project could take an afternoon or it could take months. Either way, make sure your contractor is keeping you in the loop and telling you how things are going.

If you are ready to get started on a new kitchen, or you have questions about cabinet refacing or custom cabinets, then you should contact Cabinet Magic at 833-251-6317. We are your local source for all things kitchen remodeling and cabinets. Call or stop by today!