The Three Main Advantages of Soft-Close Cabinets

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If you have looked into the latest options in new cabinets, you have heard of soft-close cabinets. There are actually many reasons that these are a great option if you are completing a kitchen remodel. Keep reading to find out about three of the biggest advantages and then contact Cabinet Magic at 833-251-6317 if you are ready to have your cabinets replaced or refaced.

  1. It’s Impossible to Slam Doors
    Obviously, the first advantage – and generally the first one people think of – is the fact that these drawers and cabinets cannot be slammed. This means that if you have a teenager who is constantly slamming cupboards, you don’t have to deal with the sound or the potential damage to your cabinets. You do not have to worry that getting a glass of water is going to wake a sleeping baby. Put simply, it reduces or entirely removes the sounds you associate with using your cabinets.
  2. Everything Inside Your Cabinets Stay in Place
    Slamming a door does more than make noise or potentially damage your cabinets – it can also send all the contents of your cabinets flying in all directions. For example, a utensil drawer that is slammed can result in all the silverware being mixed up within the drawer. If your cabinet has glass inlays, or if there are glass items inside them, the clean up could include broken glass. Soft-close cabinets help prevent things from moving and from breaking.
  3. Say Goodbye to Pinched Fingers
    If you have ever experienced the pain that comes along with shutting a cabinet door without realizing your finger was in the way, then you surely understand what an advantage it is to have soft-close cabinets that do not pinch fingers. This is especially important for homeowners with children. While the cabinets higher up may not put your child’s digits at risk, the cabinets at floor level can.

Even if you child-proof the cabinets, remember that these devices are only meant to keep kids out of the cabinets – not to protect them if they get into the cabinets. While it may seem that getting their finger’s stuck in a cabinet would be a painful experience for a child, it can be a lot worse – it could actually lead to losing a finger.

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