7 Reasons to Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets if You Want a New Look

A retro style kitchen.

The art of cabinet refacing is becoming more and more popular as homeowners want a new look in their kitchen without the expense and hassle of an entire kitchen remodel. Cabinet refacing involves replacing the doors and drawer fronts, as well as knobs. We then apply a new veneer to the parts that are visible.

It is a very popular choice and Cabinet Magic is proud to be a leader in this industry. Read on to learn seven of the reasons people choose it and then contact us at 800-570-4194 if you are ready for a free in-home consultation and estimate.

  1. It’s an affordable option
    First and foremost, it is much more affordable to reface cabinets than to have new cabinets installed. In fact, in most cases it costs about 50% less to have your cabinets refaced. While we are focusing on kitchen cabinet refacing, this option can be used in the bathroom as well or anywhere else you have cabinets.
  2. Refacing cabinets is not complicated
    Replacing your cabinets requires a lot of work and can take days to complete. On the other hand, we can reface your cabinets in a day or two once we have fabricated your new cabinet races in our La Habra factory.
  3. You won’t be wasting good cabinets
    It can be frustrating to not like the look of your cabinets when they are otherwise in good condition. Throwing them away would only add more materials out landfills. However, with refacing you are keeping the parts of the cabinets that are still useful.
  4. You have a ton of options
    When you work with a company like Cabinet Magic that custom fabricates all of our cabinet faces, you can choose the style and type of wood you want used. This gives you nearly endless options and ensures that the end result is exactly what you want.
  5. You can choose from many finishes
    In addition to the many wood and style options, you can also choose any finish you want. You may choose a real wood like hickory, maple, or birch and want the grain to show through – we have a finish for that. You may choose a composite and want it to have a wood-like finish – we can do that to. In fact, we can do just about everything in between as well.
  6. It’s eco-friendly
    Many older cabinets include formaldehyde or other hazardous substances that can cause issues when put in landfills. When you choose to keep your cabinets, you can reduce the buildup of these chemicals.
  7. You get a brand-new look without the cost or hassle
    The bottom line is that people choose to reface their kitchen cabinets versus remodeling their kitchen because refacing gives them the look they want for much less – less money and less hassle. If you’re ready to get more for less then we look forward to your call to Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194.