Refacing vs Painting: Which Is the Best Option for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Mess of All kind of Painting Equipment in the Kitchen and Discouraged Man

If you like the setup of your kitchen but want it to look fresher or more modern then you may consider several options including refacing your cabinets and painting them. At Cabinet Magic we can help you make the right choice. Whether you’re tired of the battered look of your cabinets, you want a new color, or they simply don’t seem to get clean anymore, there are options besides a full on remodel of your kitchen.

Keep reading to find out what it means to reface cabinets and why it may be the right choice. Then read about cabinet painting and its advantages. Once you have learned the basics, reach out to us at 800-570-4194, let us know what you are looking for, and we can provide you with a quote.

The Basics of Cabinet Refacing and Painting

If you choose to have your cabinets refaced, we will replace the fronts of the doors and drawers. We can also swap out your old cabinet hardware, including knobs and handles, with new options. This covers the parts of your cabinets are that are visible with brand new veneers. On the other hand, painting cabinets involves simply adding oil or latex paint to the surface of your cabinets.

Painting gives you a fresh look and covers old, dirty paint with fresh, new paint. However, refacing takes it a step further by adding a totally new look to your cabinets. While you will not be changing the setup of your kitchen, you can change the entire style of your cabinets. Instead of simply looking like the same cabinets in a new color, they will look like brand new cabinets.

They Each Have Their Pros and Cons

Both of these options come with advantages and disadvantages. When a cabinet is painted, it is more likely to accumulate grease and dust, which can make it harder to maintain. On the other hand, refaced cabinets can be easily maintained and cleaned. Refaced cabinets allow you to get an entirely new look while the changes available with painting are limited.

The main disadvantage of refacing your cabinets is that it is not as cheap as painting. However, refacing can offer enough benefits to be well worth the added cost. Remember that refacing cabinets can actually extend the life of your cabinets by making them more durable. When cabinets are painted, the paint can become damaged and peel off. If they are painted too many times, they can start to look “thick” with paint.

As you can see, refacing cabinets if often the best option. If you are considering this option for your home then we recommend contacting Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 right away. We can provide a free, in-home consultation to let you know what your options are and what they will cost.