Do You Want a Customized Kitchen Without the High Cost? Cabinet Refacing Is the Answer


Of people who want to customize their kitchen, the main thing standing in their way is the cost – and for a good reason. Replacing cabinets, flooring, appliances, etc. can be very expensive. However, there are ways to keep those costs low. For example, cabinet refacing gives you the look of a brand-new kitchen at a fraction of the price and hassle.

This Is How Cabinet Refacing Works

If you are not familiar with cabinet refacing, we are happy to explain the process to you. First, the original doors and drawers are removed. Then we create new doors and drawers that are custom designed to fit the exact specifications of the shell that remains. Whatever wood or foil you choose for your new cabinet faces, we will use to cover all existing surfaces on the shell as well.

We then install the new doors and drawers. You can also add cabinet accessories to make your kitchen easier to use, such as built-in spice racks, custom hardware, a wine rack, lazy Susans, trash rollouts, and much more. Our factory is located on La Habra so we can create exactly what you need.

Cabinet Refacing Gives You Results Without the Cost

The main benefit to choosing to reface your cabinets is that you can significantly reduce the cost – but that is not the only reason. You will also be making an eco-friendly decision that does not require nearly as much wood and does not result in your currently cabinet shell being put into a landfill.

The specific cost of your new cabinets will depend on the choices you make. What color do you want and what materials will you choose? What accessories do you want? You can add drawer dividers, dish organizers, trash bin storage, wine storage, and many other options, but it will increase the price.

Tips for Choosing the Right Cabinet Color and Material

When you have your cabinets refaced, you will have many choices to make. What color should the cabinets be? What materials should they be made out of? To decide, think about the rest of your kitchen. What color and material are your kitchen floors? What does your backsplash look like? Is there a table in the kitchen? If so, what material is it?

The good news is that at Cabinet Magic we have years of experience and are happy to help you find the right options for your needs. Call us now at 800-570-4194 if you would like to learn more.