Does Cabinet Refacing Offer a Good Return on Your Investment? You Might Be Surprised by the Answer

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The bathrooms and kitchens are the two areas in the house that are most likely to aid in the sale of a house, according to any realtor or interior designer you speak with. People spend a lot of time in these spaces, yet it can be challenging to keep them up to date. If they are outdated, you might expect prospective purchasers to quickly take a financial hit or withdraw their offer completely.

Having said that, you may not want to engage in a full kitchen remodeling project on a house you want to sell. The good news is that refacing your kitchen cabinets is an alternative between doing nothing and doing everything. Continue reading to discover about the fantastic ROI they can provide, and then call Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 for a quotation on your own cabinets.

Some Interesting Information Was Found in a Recent Report

According to a Cost Versus Value Report published by a reputable renovation company, cabinet refacing projects yield returns of more than 81%. The worth of 30 common projects people do and their resale value were compared for this paper. It examined 100 distinct American markets.

Refacing a Kitchen May Be More Time-Efficient Than a Complete Remodel

The truth is that replacing an entire cabinet may get pricey. This is one of the primary causes for homeowners to choose to have them replaced instead. Refacing is much less expensive and requires less time and effort. Refacing can completely alter the appearance of the cabinets without incurring the expense of replacing them totally if the cabinet layout and the cabinets themselves are sound.

New Hardware and New Fashions Can Be Used When Refacing

Many people believe it to be the case that painting cabinets constitutes cabinet refacing. That is untrue. With refacing, we actually take off the face of your cabinets and swap it out for one-of-a-kind units we designed and built in our facility in California. This enables you to alter your cabinets’ style entirely as well as their color. In addition, we can add brand-new gear.

Make a Call Now to Begin Working On Your New Cabinet Faces

There is no better time to begin than now. We can make exactly what you want because we manufacture all of our items in-house at a nearby location. For a free in-home consultation, call Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 right away. We can take measurements, pay attention to your needs, and provide a realistic quote for the work.