Four Areas of Your Home That Could Use Some Custom Cabinets

Space devoted to pet, pet friendly laundry room in white tones with appliances and dog bath shower with wooden ladder inside a drawer. Dog bed with gate. Modern interior design idea

Are you interested in improving the look of your home with some custom cabinetry? While many people thing that custom cabinets are only for kitchens and bathrooms, there are many rooms in your home that can benefit from having custom cabinets installed. At Cabinet Magic, we are here to help. Keep reading to learn more about how custom cabinetry from Cabinet Magic can help truly transform your home.

  1. Laundry Room
    Lets’ face it, no one likes doing laundry. But the good news is that is you revamp your laundry room; it can actually become a bit more relaxing to do laundry. With custom cabinetry from Cabinet Magic, some fresh paint, and a few shelves, you can refresh your laundry room and make it a place that you actually enjoy stepping into.
  2. Wet Bar
    People that love entertaining can really take advantage of having a wet bar installed in their home. This is a set of cabinets that also feature a sink with running water. That makes it the perfect place to mix up custom cocktails. At Cabinet Magic, we can even install keg taps and wine fridges in the cabinets for a sleek look that is stylish and functional.
  3. Closets
    Does walking into your closet send shivers down your spine as you look at how unruly it is? With new custom cabinets from Cabinet Magic, you can truly transform your closet. Think shoe racks, drawers for jewelry, spots for purses, and more. You can take your closet from drab to fab with the help of our skilled cabinet makers.
  4. Living Room
    Another great way to use custom cabinetry to enhance your home this year is with living room-built ins. Whether framing a fireplace or not, built ins provide an epic entertainment center while also providing a way for you to hide some of the clutter in your living area.

If You Need Custom Cabinets, Contact Cabinet Magic Today!

If you are looking for custom cabinets to truly enhance the look of your home, Cabinet Magic is here to help. And the great thing about working with Cabinet Magic is that we are licensed contractors. That means that we can handle every aspect of your renovation, including:

  • Custom Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Backsplashes
  • Light fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Sinks & faucets
  • Accessories

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Cabinet Magic today to schedule your free in-home estimate! We can help you start off the New Year on the right foot with a stunning set of custom cabinets or a home renovation that will truly wow you.

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