Get the Most From Every Room in Your House With Custom Cabinetry

Wardrobe with empty drawers and shelves. Ready for use

When most people think of cabinets, they imagine them in a kitchen. While kitchens certainly have plenty of cabinets in them, they are not the only place to install cabinets. At Cabinet Magic we can create custom cabinetry for any room in your home, from home office cabinets to bathroom cabinets. Read on to learn more about some of the other rooms we can install cabinets in, then contact us at 800-570-4194 to get started.

Use Custom Cabinets to Create an Incredible Bar

Have you always dreamed of having an incredible bar in your home? Do you already have a bar but are not impressed with the way it looks or how it works? Then Cabinet Magic is here to help. We’ll go over your preferences with you to come up with an on-trend design that works perfectly for your needs. In addition to the cabinets for your bar, we can also handle the countertops, backsplash, flooring lighting – in short, we can handle it all.

Don’t Let Space Near Your Fireplace Go to Waste

If you have a fireplace that is the focal point of a room, you likely love having it there – but have you ever thought of all the wasted space next to it? You do not need to let this space go to waste. Instead, have custom cabinetry installed to surround it. At Cabinet Magic, we can help with open shelving, glass front cabinets, and everything in between. It’s a great way to showcase your favorite treasures.

The Right Cabinets Can Make Your Closet Much More Organized

There are a number of advantages to installing custom, built-in cabinetry inside a closet, including both more organization and a maximization of available storage space. This is true of your small closet to your walk-in closet. When you work with us, we can come to you for a free estimate and offer our advice on how you can better utilize the space you have.

Get Rid of Clutter by Adding Shelving in Your Kids’ Rooms

Dealing with the clutter in a kid’s room can seem like a never-ending battle. The easiest way to win is to ensure that you have the cabinets, shelving, and additional storage solutions to keep it in check. Regardless of the solution that will work for your family, whether it’s installing wall-to-wall bookshelves or adding a window seat the doubles as storage for your child, we can handle it all.

Call Today to Find Out How Our Built-From Scratch Cabinetry Can Solve Your Organizational Dilemmas

There is no reason to live in chaos when you could so easily organize the space you’re in. To find out more about the solutions that can work for you, just reach out to Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194. You can stop by our showroom to see our custom cabinetry for yourself, or let us come to you and offer a free in-home estimate complete with solutions to your organizational issues.