Hidden Secrets of Cabinet Refacing: Did You Know It Could Do This?

handles of doors refacing

You may know some of the benefits of cabinet refacing but if you’re like most homeowners, there are a lot of advantages that you don’t even know about. This process involves upgrading your current cabinets by essentially giving it a facelift while keeping the core cabinets intact. It’s a great way to significantly remodel your kitchen without the huge cost or hassle of having new cabinets installed. Read on to learn about some of the other benefits of cabinet refacing and then contact Cabinet Magic for your quote.

Refacing Your Cabinets Allows You to Change the Surface of Your Cabinets

If you take out one type of cabinet and reface it with a unique texture, like bead board, then you’ll be changing the entire texture of your kitchen. This simple, affordable option is an excellent way to transform your cabinets. In fact, bead board may be a great choice for your kitchen on account of how it’s mold resistant, comes in numerous patterns, and is very easy to repaint.

Refacing Your Cabinets Allows You to Repurpose the Function of Your Cabinets and Drawers

When you reface your cabinets, you’ll have the opportunity to make better use of the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen. For example, do you have one of those corner cabinets that can hardly fit anything? Then consider having Cabinet Magic install a Lazy Susan that helps you make the most use of that cabinet. That is just one example of organizational options that can be added. You could have a door that can slide out to hide a garbage can, roll-out drawers in your cabinets, drawers with built-in spice racks, shelves that are fully adjustable, and pull-out shelves. The options are truly endless.

You Can Switch Out the Hardware and Accessories for an Even Bigger Chance

When you think of cabinet refacing you likely think of that – just simple adding a new face to the cabinets. However, you can also replace all your hinges and hardware. While this is a great way to get an updated look, it can also add functionality. For example, get rid of your outdated external hinges and have us install three-way, self-closing hinges that are entirely adjustable. We can install soft closing door glides that prevent your drawers from slamming. Once again, there are a nearly endless number of hardware and accessory options you can choose.

Start Now and Get Your Cabinets Refaced Faster Than You Think

When you choose Cabinet Magic, you’re choosing a company with expert craftspeople who can create a finished product that’s just what you’re looking for. Why take on the expense of brand new cabinets when you can have them refaced for much less?

If you’re ready to get started, reach out to us at 800-570-4194. We’ll take the time to understand what you want, will ask you questions to ensure we’re on the same page, and can create a custom estimate. Reach out to day and you could have your kitchen updated before you know it.