Planning to Have Your Cabinets Refaced? Avoid This Costly Mistake

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If you’ve decided to refinish your cabinets then you’ve already made a great decision. This single decision can save you a lot of money, since refinishing costs just a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. It’s also a convenient, quick process compared to adding brand new cabinets, and it’s an environmentally friendly project.

As you move forward with your next few decisions regarding cabinet refacing, make sure that you continue to make the right choices for your needs. At Cabinet Magic, we’ve proudly provided custom cabinet solutions – including refacing – for decades. Read on to learn one of the most costly mistakes you can make and how to avoid it.

You Must Get a Custom Estimate Before Choosing a Company

Believe it or not, some companies will ask you a few questions about your cabinets and offer a quote over the phone. This may seem like the easiest, quickest option, but it can also be a costly option. In fact, your custom cabinet company starting with accurate measurements is essential to a successful project.

Each element of your cabinets must be measured. Other elements in your kitchen must be measured too, such as your fixtures, islands, appliances, etc. If they’re not, then your cabinet company could end up without the right resources to complete your job. What will that mean for you? It will either mean a job that’s significantly more expensive or a job that takes much longer to complete than it was supposed to.

Even a Slight Miss-Measurement Can Have a Serious Impact

How important are 100% accurate measurements? Being off by just an eighth of an inch can throw the entire project off. This is why you must work with a company that’s experienced from A to Z. A company that understands your unique needs and meets them. A company that will take the time to do every step correctly – starting with getting everything measured.

You Need Quality Materials That Are Custom Made

One of the main reasons you’ve likely chosen cabinet refacing is because you want to save money. That’s a great goal, but keep in mind that paying less won’t save you money in the long run if you’re not also choosing high quality materials. This is one of the greatest aspects of working with Cabinet Magic. We have a factory right here in California that makes all our pieces. Other companies may outsource this work to companies whose quality they can’t guarantee. That’s not the case with us.

Call Today to Schedule Your Free In-Home Estimate

Are you curious about the options available to you in cabinet refacing? Are you wondering what the cost is and if it would work within your budget? There’s one easy way to find out: Call Cabinet Magic at 800-570-4194 and ask for a free in-home estimate. This no-pressure visit doesn’t obligate you to anything. We’ll simply send a trained associate who can ensure they understand everything about your project, and have the correct measurements, before proving an estimate.